Chews4Health Team Member / Distributor Benefits are Exciting!

With no sign-up fee or renewal fees to be a Team Member AND once you understand the huge business potential PLUS the real value of getting this product at wholesale price ... it simply seems like a "no brainer" to me to JOIN as a Team Member! In fact, it's just plain exciting! BUT ... there are those people who simply want to be a "customer" regardless of the differences.

Just a note to point out - Every person who enrolls as a Team Member, purchases product at RETAIL the first time. For instance, if you enroll with the ECONOMY PACK, you are purchasing 2 boxes of Chews @ $44.95 each. All future orders will be purchased at wholesale.

Let's take a moment to peek at what you get, regarding the business!
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As a Team Member ...
In addition to all the benefits of being a customer, you now have many 'perks' as a Team Member. The biggest two advantages are being able to purchase product at wholesale prices and also being able to participate in the Chews 4 Health compensation plan. What an exciting opportunity.
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Save money by buying product wholesale!
Depending on the quantity you order, you will save 11% - 33% off of the retail price as a Team Member.
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Get your very own replicated company website
Every Team Member gets a replicated site that is full of valuable information. Your back office allows you to keep track of your customers and personally sponsored members, your orders and much more. You will get the most current updates etc. This site is perfect to send referrals for more information, buy product online or join Chews 4 Health just like you did! Build your very own team using this site!
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Tax advantages of a home-based business
There are many tax advantages to owning your own home business. Of course, always refer to your tax consultant but you will most likely be able to write off some expenses when it comes to phones, travel expenses, meals, office space and supplies! Definitely worth checking out.
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Team Members may set a monthly auto-ship
Auto-ship allows Chews4Health to send you your pre-chosen quantity of Chews to your doorstep every 28 days. This saves you time and helps ensure your regular use of chews AND your receipt of commission pay.

(please note: auto-ship is NOT mandatory and can be changed online at any time)
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FREE Product and Marketing Materials
As a Team Member joining with the VALUE PACK, you will receive a FREE 24-count box of Chews samples AND 25 brochures AND a copy of Dr Friedman's best-selling audio CD, America's Unbalanced Diet.
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You will have "First-Mover Advantage"
This simply means that by joining a company early, the higher you will be placed in the organization thus increasing your ability to earn a higher residual income.
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Ability to earn residual income
Our "team approach" is unique, providing you with the marketing & support that can literally lift your business to new heights. You truly have the potential to earn a passive, residual income from home with this business model.
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National Branding done for YOUR product & biz
Chews 4 Health consistently put Chews 4 Health in front of millions of readers, viewers and listeners across the country. Seen and heard on TV! Endorsed by top radio hosts and advertised in magazines such as Woman's Day ...all of which adds credibility and makes building the business easier.
Remember, Chews 4 Health has ...
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No sign-up fee or renewal fees required
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No contracts
As a Customer ...
You personally benefit from
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16 Powerful Ingredients
In each and every chewable tablet you benefit from the best ingredients from land and sea. In fact, no other chewable offers these ingredients together. This is the first super fruit, sea vegetable blend chewable on the market!
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No refrigeration needed. You can carry Chews 4 Health tablets in your pocket, purse or gym bag and take them when you want to ... without any mess!
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Great Taste
Kids, teenagers, adults and seniors - in other words, anyone aged 2 to 102 love Chews! It's delicious berry taste makes it hard to stop taking them all day long. Parents no longer have to talk their children into taking a healthy nutritional supplement!
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There is no possible way that any one person could go gather all of these ingredients on a daily basis for the low cost that Chews 4 Health offers you. The great thing is ... you are NOT paying for watered down juices or preservative laden liquid supplements. You get only "approved" best in quality, natural, whole food ingredients from the most nutrient-rich sources from around the world.
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A 90-Day, Money Back Guarantee
Chews 4 Health wants you to be completely satisfied with their product. In fact, they are so confident that you will be that they offer an empty box guarantee. Wow. Try Chews Risk Free!
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Feeling Good!
Although, Chews 4 Health cannot make any health claims, there are numerous testimonials about the health benefits experienced. My best recommendations is EXPERIENCE Chews for yourself!
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