Chews90 System by Chews-4-Health

Never before has such a revolutionary concept been offered to people looking to start a home based business! Chews-4-Health has most definitely provided a solution to the challenges that so many face in today's world.

Now it is possible to "put little money In, and get big money out!" This opportunity is literally changing lives by revitalizing the hopes and dreams of long days past!

You will find incredible products and a real opportunity right here. Make the decision to take advantage of it!

Now you can get started the RIGHT WAY!

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Chews90 is an optional program that allows new Team Members to enroll with Chews-r-Health International at the highest level, with the potential to maximize the compensation plan, with an initial payment of $60. The new Team Member contracts with Chews-4-Health International to make 3 additional payments of $120.00 each at 30, 60, and 90 days from activation, plus a final payment of $44.95 plus taxes, for a total of $464.95. The Team Member will receive an initial Starter Pack of products (3 boxes) and marketing materials, with the balance of your Pack being shipped as your installment payments are successfully processed.
Chews90 Payment Schedule
Chews90 System by Chews4Health
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Only $60 to get started with your own home-based business.
However, it does require your strong commitment. You want to make this happen for you.

Now, wouldn't it be fun to bring as many other people along with you? Make a decision to work this 'as a team!'
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In return, you will receive over $700 worth of product, marketing materials and a marketing system!

You will be fully qualified to earn maximum profit, while maintaining a monthly 100PV.
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There are a variety of Business Builder Packs (valued at $399) to choose from.
Chews4Health Chews90 System
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Join Chews4Health for FREE and choose one of the Business Builder Packs (BBP) - a $399 Value
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Provide a checking account and valid drivers license for online approval.
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Pay only $60 out-of-pocket towards the Business Builder Pack you selected.
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Agree to make 3 deferred payments of $120 per month over the next 90 days.
  • 30 Days from the date you joined - $120
  • 60 Days from the date you joined - $120
  • 90 Days from the date you joined - $120 (plus fees, S&H, and applicable sales tax)
Chews4Health Chews90 System
Chews4Health Chews90 System
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You will get paid 6 ways!

1. Fast Start Bonuses* - when you enroll with the Business Builder Pack (paid on 3 levels)
  • Level 1 = $120
  • Level 2 = $40
  • Level 3 = $20

2. Binary Team Commissions*
  • 24% Commissions of "Pay / Weaker Leg"

3. Matching Bonuses
  • 12% on Personal Sponsored
  • 6% to Infinity
4. Rank Advancement Bonuses
  • Over $16,000 Paid Out in Total

5. Car Bonus
  • Bonus of $250, $500, or $750 per month!

6. Retail Commissions
  • Earn up to 50% in retail profit

Keep in mind, there is $500 worth of product in each Business Builder Pack!

*Please refer to Policy & Procedures for
Chews90 System
Chews90 System

So, you are excited. You' have earned an unbelievable return on your money already. Where else can you possibly go out and generate that kind of "ROI" - return on income in such a short amount of time?

How fast do you want or need to make money? It's up to you.

Check out how the sharing frenzy of the Chews90 Program can add up to some good cash.

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If you are sharing the products and opportunity with others, it won't be long until you are all sharing the vision together. Anytime a group of individuals can come together for a common cause, powerful things can begin to happen.

HELP enough other people get what they need and you will be just fine!

Everyone's belief system is becoming rock solid!

You soon realize that anything IS possible. It's never too late for real success.

You are about to experience a TURBO-CHARGED Chews Organization!

Chews90 System
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Don't forget that Chews-4-Health International PAYS YOU SIX DIFFERENT WAYS and we've only been talking about 2 ways:
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • and Two Infinity Binary Bonus Commissions

In addition, Chews 4 Health give their Team Members the opportunity to earn income from ...
  • up to 50% Retail Profit
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Rank Advancement Bonuses
  • their Car Bonus Program
Network Marketing Industry
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