As we've all been anxiously awaiting, Chews-4-Health is making it's appearances on National Television! In case you hadn't heard, Dr. David Friedman is Lifetime TV Network's new Health and Nutrition expert! Expect big things from his weekly appearance on "The Balancing Act."

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Dr. Friedman makes his FIRST of many television appearances on May 6th, 2009 on Lifetime TV's, The Balancing Act.

As he introduces his new formulation, Chews-4-Health, he explains to millions of viewers, the vital role that 'chewing' plays for optimal absorption of nutrients.

Chews-4-Health is definitely 'cutting edge' and setting the next trend in nutrition.

As Lifetime TV Network's new Health and Nutrition Expert, viewers can now look forward to hearing much more from Dr. Friedman in the future. Every week, he will be sharing his expert knowledge.

Of course, Chews-4-Health is his favorite product for everyone!

Sea Vegetables

What are sea vegetables? Where can we get sea veggies? Listen to Dr.Friedman on this segment of The Balancing Act as he tells listeners all about them.

Hmmm... Does Chews 4 Health have sea vegetables in them? You bet they do!


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