RETAIL CUSTOMER: is someone who purchases product directly from a Team Member or from their web site.

TEAM MEMBER (TM): is someone who has purchased an Economy Pack or Value Pack (buy 4 get 1 free) and is now entitled to purchase any additional orders at the wholesale price. A Team Member not signed up for the Convenience Pack (Autoship) Program is not considered a commission qualified Team Member and therefore is not eligible to receive bonuses, commissions or dividends in any of the Chews-4-Health business commission structures. A Basic Team Member can generate RETAIL sales commissions through selling product on their official web site.

QUALIFIED TEAM MEMBER (QTM): Any person who has purchased a Value Pack and goes on the Convenience Pack (Autoship) Program can “choose their paycheck” and receive from 4% to 12% commission in their “Two-Infinity” business. Qualified Team Members also have the opportunity to take part in the National Co-Op Advertising program and receive a percentage of all the profits received from this exciting national campaign. Qualified Team Members are also eligible for matching bonuses, participation in Company sponsored contests and have access to exclusive sales aids not offered to non- qualified Team Members. QTMs are required to have at least one personally enrolled BTM from their Team A and B that generate a minimum of 20 Chews Volume (CV) per month (i.e. a minimum of 1 box of product or 1 box of samples).

CONVENIENCE PACK (AUTOSHIP) PROGRAM: A monthly reorder program allowing Team Members to customize your order and, have it automatically shipped to you every month. It also allows you to have your very own official website and back office to process orders.

SUPPORT AGENT/MENTOR: A person who enrolls a Team Member or has one assigned to them.

CV (Chews Volume): CV is 'sales volume' that accumulates from orders throughout your “Two-Infinity” business structure. You receive CV in your business from sales of products through other TEAM MEMBER’S positions. Commissions are paid weekly on Chews Volume. For example:

*1 Box Chews4Health of $39 brings you 20 CV.
*3 Boxes of Chews4Health of $103.50 brings you 65 CV.
*6 Boxes of Chews4Health of $180.00 brings you 135 CV.
*1 Box Trimulean of $52.95 equals 27 CV.