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Chews‐4‐Health To Be Featured on TV As
“Best Children’s Nutritional Product”

July 13, 2009—WILMINGTON, N.C.—Chews‐4‐Health, the world’s first super fruit, sea vegetable, antioxidant chewable dietary supplement, will be featured as “The Best Children’s Nutritional Product” on the upcoming television show “Kids Spaces” (from the producers of the award‐winning show “Designing Spaces”). This “Focus on Healthy Children” program will air nationally on the WE (Woman’s Entertainment) Network on July 24 at 7:30 a.m. EST, and on TLC (The Learning Channel) on July 25 at 7 a.m. EST.
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Unique among dietary supplements,
Chews‐4‐Health provides 13 servings of fruits and vegetables—vital dietary requirements which many parents struggle to ensure their children receive daily. The delicious chewable tablets are also easy for children to take.
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According to the
Physician’s Desk Reference, some pills swallowed whole are often only 10 percent absorbed, meaning children’s bodies do not receive the full benefits of vitamins taken in pill form. Chews‐4‐Health is 100 percent broken down in the mouth where digestion begins, leading to quicker and better absorption.

Unlike other vitamins on the market, Chews‐4‐Health contains no chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes or unnatural flavors. These chewable tablets are made from whole food fruits and vegetables produced by the earth, not by chemists in a laboratory.
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What makes this product so popular among children is the delicious taste, which makes children look forward to taking their daily vitamins.
“Chews‐4‐Health helps parents across the country give their children the very best nutritious dietary supplements,” said Dr. David Friedman, product formulator and CEO of Chews‐4‐Health. “It is an honor to be featured on ‘Kids Spaces’ as the Best Children’s Nutritional Product, and I hope many parents tune in to the show and get this valuable information.”

In addition to Friedman, also being featured on the show are a renowned pediatrician and pediatric dentist, who speak about the important role whole food nutrition plays in the health of a growing child.

“Kids Spaces” featuring Chews‐4‐Health will premiere on the WE Network on July 24 at 7:30 am. EST, and TLC on July 25 at 7 am EST. The show will also air in select cities across the country from July 27 through August 2.

Click here to view the television airing schedule.
Chews4Health is a Nutritional POWERHOUSE!

What's in Chews-4-Health? Sixteen powerful ingredients that, if you bought them separately, would cost you $465 a month!

The gift of good nutrition is second to none especially when it comes to your child.

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Mary L. Forehand, M.D., Pediatric Medicine

“Every growing cell in a child requires the assistance of whole food vitamins and minerals in order for a child to grow to a healthy adult. Chews-4-Health offers a great source of whole food vegetables and fruits and it also includes Folic Acid supplementation, which is important for normal tissue growth and mental focus. ”
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Mike Graybar, DC., Chiropractic Physician

“As a father of 5 kids and owner of 3 chiropractic offices, I needed something simple yet complete to offer my family and patients. My search has led me to Chews-4-Health. The guesswork is over, what a brilliant design. My patients love it and my 5 kids love the taste. Combining juices, powders and pills was a nutritional nightmare! Chews-4-Health is complete and simple. As for the financial rewards, my first month just from Chews-4-Health, I made as much money as some DC’s do in an entire month seeing hundreds of patients. After 6 months with this wonderful company, I now have the second income I’ve always dreamed of and the financial security that I need during these tough economic times. Thanks Dr. Friedman for all you do and your WELLNESS vision!”
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Dr. Dana Shumate, DDS, Cosmetic and Family Dentist

"The healthy whole food ingredients in Chews-4-Health are VERY impressive. Being a chewable product, I immediately looked to see how it was sweetened. I was excited to find Xylitol was used instead of sugar. Xylitol is a natural low calorie sugar alternative that has received official endorsements from six national dental associations because it has been shown to actually reduce cavities. That’s important when looking at a chewable product.
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About Chews‐4‐Health

Launched July of 2008, Chews‐4‐Health Inc. is headquartered in Wilmington, N.C., and its revolutionary product is now being sold in every major city in the USA and Canada. The company is led by CEO Dr. David Friedman, renowned chiropractic physician and doctor of naturopathy, recently named Health Expert for Lifetime Television’s weekly show “The Balancing Act.” The product Dr. Friedman formulated is a delicious, natural, chewable dietary supplement derived from 16 of the world’s most nutrient‐rich sources from land and sea.
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