Chews 4 Health
National Television
The BEST Full Spectrum Chewable Wholefood / Antioxidant Supplement Available.
Endorsed by Mike Gallagher and Neal Boortz ...
Millions of listeners across the entire nation are hearing information about Chews4Health on

RADIO and on National TELEVISION.

Mike Gallagher - Rush Limbaugh - Michael Medved - Monica Crowley - Rusty Humphries
Laura Ingraham - Phil Hendries - Clark Howard - Sean Hannity
Doug Stephan - Michael Savage - John Boy & Billy - George Noory
Jerry Doyle - Neal Boortz - Darla Shine and more ...

Many hosts are choosing to ENDORSE Chews-4-Health also.
Just click on their pictures to hear what THEY say

Mike Gallagher Endorses Chews-4-HealthNeal Boortz Endorses Chews-4-HealthRusty Humphries Endorses Chews-4-Health
Did you know, that after careful evaluation of the product, company and overall business ...

Chews 4 Health has recently been chosen for three awards!

"The BEST Home-Based Business Concept of the 21st Century"

by Lifetime TV Network.

Not only that, but Dr. Friedman was also chosen to be their
"Health & Nutrition Expert."
He will be hosting their Monday morning television program
"The Balancing Act."
Of course, he will be promoting Chews!

Lifetime Television Networks
Lifetime TV - The Balancing Act

the BEST and ONLY all natural chewable supplement of it's kind.

A QUALITY Supplement for all ages. Kids and Adults love them.

Order Chews4Health by Dr. David Friedman DIRECT

from the
OFFICIAL Chews-4-Health Website.

Super Fruits - Whole Food / Antioxidants - Sea Vegetables - Fruit Concentrates
Noni - Goji - Acai - Mangosteen - Alpha-Lipoic Acid - Resveratrol - Folic Acid - Vitamin B12
Dulse - Nori - Bladderwrack - Kelp - Cranberries - Raspberries - Blueberries - Pomegranate

Chews 4 Health was chosen to be featured on the upcoming TV show
'Beauty Spaces' for it's Anti-Aging Ingredients! Learn more ...

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See WHO's talking, WHERE it's happening,
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Chews 4 Health on the Radio

Chews 4 Wealth
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This Former Liquid Vitamin & Infomercial
MARKETING WIZARD Launches His Own Company, Chews4Health.

Dr. Friedman announces TELEVISION is now under contract.
Listen below as he continues to share his MASTERMIND marketing strategies.


Sizzle Call: 646-222-0400
Listen to Dr. Friedman & Dean Sasser give brief overview of Chews-4-Health
(approx. 4 min.. runtime)

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Chews-4-Health is about to be featured on national TV, reaching over a hundred million households and ALL orders / profits from these shows will be going to CoOP members. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of this HUGE national exposure and by making it more affordable, it now allows everyone to be a part of history in the making. Just $3 a day now buys you 1 share! Learn more about Dr. Friedman's exciting announcement ...
Dr. Friedman announced
New and Exciting CoOp NEWS for Joining the CoOp

on March 13th, 2009.

Check out the Impressive
for yourself.

You "Must Listen" to the Audio below as
Dr. Friedman Shares TONS of Exciting Co-Op News
on the January 6th Call

Dr. Friedman's Update - Janurary 6

"I helped a company grow to $20 million per month with my

last media Co-Op campaign, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Later, we will venture into magazine advertising and then TV."

~ Dr. Friedman

Chews4Health Co-Op

"We have also booked weekend spots on XM radio (a huge market)

and are working on airing LIVE interviews and

DJ endorsements on national morning (drive time) programs.

We already have several talk show hosts taking the product,

so they can give an “on-air testimonial for Chews-4-Health.”

~ Dr. Friedman


Chews-4-Health is for EVERYONE.

Young or old, pregnant or lactating, YOU can enjoy all of the benefits

that Chews-4-Health has to offer

and ... Moms & Dads,

Send your kids off with a
"Chews" for the bus ride

to start their day off right!

Back to School - Back to Nutrition

Pack a
"Chews" in their lunchbox.
Give them a
"Chews" after school.


Chews-4-Health is an amazing formulation of 16 top-quality, most impressive whole food & antioxidant ingredients, from land and sea, which NEVER before have been delivered together in a chewable tablet. One chewable tablet contains: vitamins, antioxidants, health-enhancing phyto-nutrients, fiber, flavonoids, carotenoids and more than 70 whole food trace elements.

When you buy Chews-4-Health ... you are getting the ONLY fruit/sea vegetable & antioxidant chewable on the entire planet!

The Best 16 Ingredients from Land & Sea

4 Super Fruit Complex - Goji, Mangosteen, Acai, Noni

4 Select Fruit Concentrates - Pomegranate, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry

4 Sea Vegetables Blend - Kelp, Nori, Dulse, Bladderwrack

4 Super Antioxidant Mix - B12, Folic Acid, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol

Chews4Health Chewable ChewsChews-4-Health FREE Sample

Formulated by
Dr. David Friedman
of Wilmington, North Carolina

Listen to Dr. Friedman

Dr. David Friedman Chews 4 Health

Dr. Friedman is a Marketing Genius.

Never before has there EVER been such a marketing program

as the one Chews-4-Health is using.

The National Co-Op Marketing Program

is EXCLUSIVE to Chews-4-Health.

1.2 Million dollars a month will be used for TV, Radio and Magazine

advertising across the entire nation!

Dr. Friedman’s
National CoOp Marketing will take the Chews4Health

company and product literally to

"millions” of people across Ameria.

Become a part of this Home-based business explosion.
This Marketing is superior to any other in this industry.
There is NO MLM marketing Superstar,
NO Internet Guru,
NO Hot Shot Networker that can do what the NCM can do for your downline.

Chews4Health is a POWERHOUSE that can change your financial future forever!

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Some key points about Dr. Friedman & Chews 4 Health:

Doctor formulated product

His patients include some of the today's top celebrities and movie stars (i.e. celebrity endorsements)

In just 18 months Dr. Friedman personally sponsored over 3,000 people in his former network marketing endeavor, primarily via the same advertising co op we'll use

Product has been almost 3 years in development

Affordable to the masses at $39 minimum auto-ship for eligibility of pay

A Google Search on this product comes back "zero found" (i.e. it doesn’t get any more “ground floor” than that!)

The first 14 manufactures he approached told him that it was impossible to produce, but he did not give up

Not a juice, not a pill, not a powder

Combination of ingredients in this unique delivery system- referred to as the "Nutritional iPod"

Everyone will want it and can take it regardless of age including pregnant or nursing women

Headquarters in Wilmington, N.C

Brand New 11,000 sq. ft. facility at a location convenient to the airport and interstate

Top floor will house 80 inbound operators for a massive advertising co op

Will spend $1.2 million per month on TV, radio and newsprint advertising

Website, brochure and label have all been reviewed by an FTC attorney from Washington, D.C.

First 3,000 people will have an opportunity to participate in the first Tier of an optional ad co-op campaign

3D Video on Corp. website will do the selling

Other sales aids are available

Unique binary pays 12% on both your strong and weak side! That's 24% combined commissions (unheard of in Network Marketing!)

Matching bonus pays out a percentage of the top two income earners on all your levels TO INFINITY

Auto-ship starts at only $39 a month (affordable for everyone!)

No cap on binary commissions

Receive a second center at no additional cost which is placed ABOVE your first center when you reach $25,000 per week

You can select samples as auto-ship product and commissions are paid on these samples!

Chews 4 Health officially launched August 18,2008.

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